Connect December 2023


Welcome to KA Connect, your window into our architectural practice! This quarterly snapshot offers a glimpse into recently completed projects, emerging studio ideas, and pivotal issues in the built environment that drive our passion.

In this edition we showcase a housing complex tailored for Lodha developers which navigates the complexities of an oddly shaped site while reconciling the aspirations of a middle income, yet upwardly mobile buyers within the framework of affordability.

The news section unfolds life at KA, from intense leadership workshops to design competitions and our eagerly awaited annual celebration. This section epitomizes our commitment to nurturing professionals, fostering connections, and revealing upcoming projects that showcase our versatile spirit.

We hope you relish this edition. Your feedback is invaluable-reach out to us with your thoughts. We're always here and eager to listen.

Built Works


Casa Maxima

Mira Road

Lodha Maxima is a residential development by Lodha in Mira Road, a northern suburb of the MMR region. Situated in a suburb with largely middle-income households, the project aims to offer an improved lifestyle choice which appeals to the upwardly mobile aspirations of its populace. It seeks to be an urban oasis offering bespoke amenities, public spaces and residences that sets it apart from its local competitors.


On the Boards




The design of this new tall high-rise building is inspired by this Art Deco style that is built to high specifications and proportions to create a landmark in the skyline of mid-town Mumbai.




Annual Celebration at KA

Beyond blueprints and boardrooms, we celebrate the heartbeat of KA - our incredible teams in Mumbai and Pune! From show-stopping performances to delectable bites, our annual office celebration was a testament to the rich tapestry of talent and camaraderie that defines us. Because at KA, we believe in fostering not just outstanding projects, but also a community where passions flourish and friendships thrive. Here's to the architects of unforgettable memories!


Design Hackathon

At KA, we believe in more than designing structures; we craft experiences and cultivate innovation. Our recent HACKATHON, envisioning 'A Shelter for Tomorrow | 2100 AD,' wasn't just a competition; it was a journey that brought together minds from different disciplines, fostering collaboration, resilience, and a shared passion for sustainable design.

These cross-functional team activities are more than a break from routine - they're a cornerstone of our culture. They challenge us, hone our skills, and remind us that great design is a collective effort.

Building a community of versatile, inspired designers is more than a goal; it's our way of shaping the future.


Leadership Excellence Program with ANTWALK

Our recent Leadership Excellence Program, a two-day workshop infused with personalized coaching by the esteemed Antwalk team, has ignited new dimensions of leadership within our Associates. At KA, we believe in investing in our team's growth and well-being, cultivating a workplace culture that stands as a beacon in the industry. Here's to fostering leadership that transforms projects and enriches lives! Empowering our leaders to new heights!


Announcing the Launch of LODHA Stella, Thane - where KA shapes Timeless Luxury!

Crafted for an aspirational lifestyle, the design seamlessly integrates premium residential, amenities, and retail in a lush, green oasis. Our biophilic approach maximizes residents' connection to nature. The retail plaza extends the public realm, offering High Street and multi-level retail for daily conveniences, F&B, and top brands. With meticulous design, high-quality finishes, and thoughtful planning, our project endeavours to simply make life better.


Palliative Care Centre at Uttan for Light of Life Trust (LOLT)

At Kapadia Associates, we consider ourselves to be privileged to be associated with various NGO's like Light of Life Trust (LOLT), Jai Vakeel Foundation (JVF) amongst other and lend our professional expertise to projects that they undertake.

Light of Life Trust (LOLT) is an NGO working extensively in the field of education, women empowerment and healthcare and their latest project is a Palliative Care Centre at Uttan.

We are excited that the design work on the project is complete and construction will begin soon, underscoring our commitment to creating spaces that positively contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

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